Sunday, August 3, 2014

Birds Can Swim and Fish Can Fly

I just came back from my short getaway two days ago, i went to the Lion city Singapore and spend my three days and two nights in that beautiful small country. One of my friend from Slovakia once said , go travel while you are young and still have a chance cause travelling can change your life. I always dream that i could travel around the world and explore the amazing cultures from every country. I'm not really a New York city girl, i prefer to go to Istanbul and enjoy the breathtaking view from every corner of the streets

I'm writing this article now while smiling like a lil kid just got her candy, well i didn't get a candy but i do get something beautiful that every girl loves, Daisies!! You don't know how i love flowers, can't even mention the types of the flowers cause i love everything. Haven't seen them for a few days and my housemate came home with something that they know i will crazy of. So sad that in less than a month they will leaving me soon to France, well if you read this article mates, you know i love you and wish you guys the best < 3



  1. Beautiful outfit *-*


  2. Amazing style! That necklace is insanely gorgeous!


  3. I love your shoes! They are so bold yet feminine!
    Nice outfit :)
    Have a nice day ♥

  4. you look so stunning in this outfit! minimalistic but so cool!

    Pudding Monster

  5. your looks are always so chic <3

  6. love ur bracelet and shoes
    great stuff

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    Miss Aa

  7. cantikkk! ❤

  8. beautiful shoes and shirt.. love it so much..

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