Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Peanut Butter Kind Of Day

I'm obviously not thinking bout my outfit at all when i'm writing this post, as you can read what's the title of this post is, yep! my peanut butter with some toast and vanilla ice cream on top, perfect for thus crazy sunny day. And i won't forget my super cold lemongrass tea........ 

The last couples of days have been quite tough for me, thinking and making a decision that will really change my life, it's scary sometimes to start over with something new and come out from your comfort zone. But i believe God will always help me and i believe i'm making a right decision. Will tell you when that time is coming :)

Btw, i was cleaning my room the other day and i found this vintage top that i bought a few years ago. I remembered how fun it was when i went to the vintage shop and found something so interesting with a super cheap price. It's pretty hot to wear this kind of material in here since we only have one season in the whole year, but i'm expert on that already! so don't worry, i don't feel anything .

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Transform Your Mind

Since i started working full time, i feel my style is always changing . I remembered i used to wore skinny jeans for the whole year in my junior high time and a year later i wore my ripped short jeans. It's not that i'm following the trend but i'm just a mood master who will stick with something forever if i feel comfortable with it. I have to wear all black everything everyday to go to work, and Sunday is the only day that i can play with colors and maybe this is the reason why i don't posting and writing as much as i used to. But you can always stalk me on my Instagram

Sunday, March 1, 2015

All White Everything (Almost)

Welcoming the first day of March wearing my white- set outfit from womenwear label based in Singapore, Klarra. Fallin in love with their newest collection, it so dreamy, beautiful and elegant at the same time. Make sure to check it out HERE