Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Starshine Always Kept You Warm

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend, mine was pretty simple. Just spend my weekend by laying on my bed and spend the whole day in my bedroom. Well, i did it again today! it' s a public holiday here so i have one day off to just do whatever i want and i decided to give my self a 24-hours "me time" . I'm writing this article under my soft pink  blanket, in a full set of my pajamas with my big reading sunglasses which most people think it's vintage. It feels good to just relax and not doing anything, escape from the busy days and just sitting in my room and see it's raining outside my window.

Loving my new rain coat from FrontRow Shop. Trust me, that's not as hot as you think. It's really perfect for rainy days like this and the nice part is, you can change this long coat and turn it into a short outer. Will show it to you soon in the next article!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life's Become Just Cloudy Days

Black and white never be boring, especially when you pair with electric blue color for your shoes. Be ready to be the spot of attention with this heels from Staccato Indonesia summer collection. Sometimes it's hard to wear something that is so colorful yet still looking chic at the same time. I remembered i used to wear a lot of colors back then, and a big ribbon on my head that almost covered whole of my head. It's not like i don't like to wear colors now, but when you grow older there's always a major changes from your looks. What is your favourite thing to wear 7 years ago?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New York Colors - Tresemme Make Over Challange

New York, is a Colorful city that never sleep and  where a dream begin. Nothing that you couldn't find in Newyork! A girl walking in Manhattan street with her big tutu purple skirt, or passing a lot of famous people that you saw on big screen tv. New York is so famous with their fashion scene and events. Just name MBFW New York, tell me who doesn't know about this bi-annual event? i'm going to chop all your hair. Ok, i'm kidding. But Hey!It's New York! a city that everyone's dream of.

This is the third and last challenge for Tresemme #RoadToNewYork, i choose a colourful theme for my make over challenge just like my favourite designer collection in MBFW Newyork Spring 2014, Monique Lhuillier. I asked my friend, Samaya's to be my model for this make over challenge. Why i choose her? not only because she love boyish style, she also never wear a colourful clothes before! the most colourful clothes that she has is her red tribal skirt and the rest is just black and white. I love black and white. I really do. But i want to show her that sometimes wearing a colourful clothes can change your mood! choose a sleek hair style for her hair and i'm not playing with any accessories because i want to keep it simple and play with the colours. 

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