Sunday, July 5, 2015


Just a few pics of my journey from the last two months on my instagram page. This is the first post that i'm writing in my family house, yes i decided to go back to Indonesia. Forgood is not easy especially after 5 years i stayed alone in another country. I know this is not the end of my journey, i'm sure there are a lot of wonderful things waiting for me in the future. Now i'm just enjoying my holiday for two months before i start my 9-5 working life. Follow me on Instagram @dianacaitilin

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Went to food bazaar today straight from the office with my friends, it was so crazy and it so hard for me to choosed what to buy cause everything looks so yummy. It was so crowded and so hard for you to move. Now i'm just relaxing at home with my wet hair, writting this post and do some blogwalking.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere , what can i say? best place on earth? you can find any type of flowers in this place and the best part is it just next to the Hobbit house:) i'm trying to look for him but he's not at home, maybe next time Hobbit. I came here with my boo last weekend and we just LOVE this place! i wish i can show you guys more pics but too bad i don't really focused on my camera since my eyes were so crazy looking at these beautiful cutiepie.

Btw, i'm thinking to change my camera to improve the pics on my blog, any suggestion? i'll try to keep updating new post and changing (again??!) the layout of my blog. But i really need to spend my time more on this.