Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I had a short working trip getaway, earlier this month. I get to met the full team at the HQ and it doesn't feel like working when you had so much fun and enjoyed every moment of it. Btw, so in love with what I'm wearing on these pictures, I've been searching for this type of pants for quite some time and obviously it will be a new favourite of mine.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Top - HODA // Belle Pants - Cloth Inc// Bag-Sometime by Asian Designers

Writing this post while going down with a cold and have one box full of tissues right next to me for this annoying runny nose. It started few days ago when I felt my body is so hot from inside( lol I don't even think there's a western medical term for this) I blamed all those fried chicken. Hopefully I get over this soon and feel better tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


 Top-Shopatvelvet // Pants - Hodaofficial // Watches - DKNY

These pics was taken by my dad because #Instagramhusband is too mainstream. He's been so helpful everytime i wanted to take an ootd pics, thanks Dad!

My working time now is so much better than the previous job. Not saying anything bad about it, because there's always something positive that I can take from all the memories and experiences, but I'm just glad now I have time to do my own things, take an ootd for my blog or just relaxing. Hopefully from now on, I will be able to start posting consistenly again. Today we had a meeting with the whole colleagues at the office , so excited yet nervous for the upcoming Raya event that we'll have for the first time. We're gonna move to a bigger space and a lot of exciting things gonna happen this year.